The community of Sacred Heart, situated at intersection of Jane Street and 16th Sideroad the Township of King, has a very interesting history. It began in 1929 as a mission church of St. Patrick’s parish in nearby Schomberg. Mass was celebrated at the McCabe home for some time. Eventually, a small church was built on land donated by this family and was dedicated to the Sacred Heart community.

The depression of the 1930′ s turned this community into a haven for the unemployed and impoverished families of the parish of St. Clare in Toronto. Father Francis McGoey, with the help of the McCabes, developed a communal living arrangement for these individuals. These Catholic families built homes, lived, worked and farmed.¬†¬†This community was known as Mount St. Francis and by 1936 there were twenty happy families. Their lives were changed and more people continued to come to this community. Over the years, many remained in this new life but some returned to the city. This communal life was very important to Father McGoey. There was a store, bakery, church and school and the families were living comfortably.

A school was built at the southwest comer of Jane Street and the 16th Sideroad and was looked after by the Sisters of Providence. With the passage of time, a new school was required. It was built in 1976, west of Keele Street on the south side of King Sideroad. The community of Mount St. Francis continued until 1958. The original church lasted for thirty years. When the roof collapsed the parish built what we know today as our church on the southeast corner of Jane and the 16th Sideroad. The first Mass was celebrated on Christmas Eve 1960. On November 11, 1961, the new Sacred Heart Church became independent. In 2011 on November 11th, our parish will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Although this parish has changed from its early days as the community of Mount St. Francis, the focus of the parish remains the same. It is still a community with the celebration of mass, the sacraments, breakfasts, dinners and dances.